Soar Media has worked alongside the Leicester Stop Smoking Service for almost ten years, utilising all of our varied skills to assist the service in achieving above national average enquiries and quit rates, year on year.

In 2013, Soar Media was asked to develop a sports driven campaign. We sourced several sporting ambassadors from the county’s elite sports teams to help promote the service. The campaign saw the development of a dedicated website, social network promotion, video production, poster/banner designs, as well as local newspaper, website and TV coverage – all created in-house at Soar Media.

www.stopsmokingleic.co.uk developed and managed by Soar

@StopSmokingLeic managed and activated by Soar

I think that Balls to Stop is a great campaign. Although I’ve never been a smoker, my mum and a few friends have told me how hard it is to stop. Listening to the advisors when they explain the effects of smoking and the best ways to quit has been amazing.

Rendall Munroe

01/ Event management, ambassador sourcing and video production

02/ Stop Smoking Service Manager, Louise Ross, with Jonathan Agnew MBE (BBC cricket broadcaster) participating in a half-time talk at King Power Stadium

03/ Ambassador and boxing hero, Rendall Munroe, at a school visit

04/ Infographic about our Leicester Mercury campaign that we also coordinated

05/ Time to Switch campaign creative

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